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Tracy Outlaw

(Executive Pastry Chef)

Tracy is an amazing Pastry Chef! She is 100% self taught through reading hundreds of books and trial & error. 

What a way to learn!

Through this process, each recipe is perfected one by one. She has been baking and perfecting these recipes for more than 25 years. Her favorite place is the kitchen! She smiles all day, every day, as she addresses  patrons by name, while acknowledging their cake preference. A day never passes when a patron forgets what type of cake their mate likes and she has to remind them. Everything she has done in life has added up and led her to this profession. It is definitely a God given talent that she has certainly capitalized upon!

Bobby Outlaw

 (Culinary Director) 

Bobby is the ultimate culinary handyman / businessman! He does a little bit of this and little a bit of that but mostly, he does Sales, Marketing, Delivery, Research & Development and whatever else is required, behind the scenes or in front of the media - to keep the business running flawlessly! 

Bobby Outlaw, Sales & Marketing Manager.
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