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Specialty Cakes

*3 Layers    9'' Cakes*

(serves 12-14 depending on how the cake is cut)

12 Layer Chocolate Chocolate Cake
9" 12 Layers



12 layers of chocolate cake with a rich chocolate frosting. The chocolate is some of the best international chocolates available!

Rich German Chocolate Cake
9" 3 Layers


Chocolate butter cake envelopes delicious coconut-pecan frosting framed with a chocolate border. 

Honeybun Cake
9" x 13" 



An adult version of your childhood favorite! A vanilla based cake with a bottom crust of nuts and honey, topped with a vanilla glaze. Slices are best when heated in a microwave for 10 seconds!

Red Velvet Cake
Chocolate Ganache, Pistachio
9" 3 Layers

Red Velvet Cake Chocolate Ganache & Pist


Not only does this cake taste great, it is a show-stopper with bold & vibrant red layers frosted with white cream cheese frosting and pistachio.

Crazy Outlaw Creation
9" 3 Layers


This is an extraordinary banana layer cake made with lemon & orange rinds, filled with vanilla pudding and frosted with more lemon & orange rinds in a coconut frosting

Old South Hummingbird Cake
9" 3 Layers


This old fashioned recipe is filled with pineapples and bananas which lends itself to a very distinctive taste, fragrant scent, and moist texture.

Sweet Potato Cake
9" 3 Layers


Made with freshly grated sweet potatoes and spices enrobed with cream cheese walnut frosting

Tortuga Style Vanilla Rum Cake

9" bundt

Authentic Tortuga Style Vanilla Rum (Cut).jpg


Very moist yellow cake soaked with vanilla rum with chopped walnuts walnuts on top baked in a bundt pan.

14K Carrot Cake
9" 3 Layers



Freshly grated carrots, spices, pineapple & walnuts. Frosted with cream cheese walnut frosting.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake
9" x 13"


This pineapple upside down cake is delectably soft and buttery smooth, with an extraordinary caramelized brown sugar, pineapple & cherry topping. The juices permeate deep down into the cake, adding abundantly more luxurious flavor and essence.

Strawberry Shortcake
9" 3 Layers



Yellow cake layers filled with fresh macerated strawberries & fresh homemade whipped cream, then frosted with homemade whipped cream.

Kentucky Bourbon Cake

9" bundt


Moist and Delicious, Bourbon soaked cake, fruits and nuts. YUM!

Coconut-Pineapple Cake
9" 3 Layers

Coconut Pineapple Cake.jpg


White cake layers filled with pineapple filling & flaked coconut, frosted with snow white buttercream frosting 

Coconut-Raspberry Cake
9" 3 Layers


Yellow cake layers filled with raspberry preserve frosted with snow white vanilla buttercream & showered with flaked coconut.

Jamaican Black Cake (6" x 3.5" bar seasonal)


Traditional Jamaican wedding or fruit cake with prunes, raisins & candied fruits, drenched in alcohol which acts as a preservative making this cake everlasting.

Lemon Blueberry Explosion Cake
9" 6 Layers



Six thin luscious lemon layers with fresh blueberries baked in each layer frosted with lemon cream cheese frosting.

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