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Italian & Latin Desserts

Italian Cream Cake

3 Layer, 9"


Three layers of moist delicious white cake baked with macaroon coconut  throughout, frosted with pecan cream cheese frosting.


13" x 9"



Made with Italian savoiardi lady finger cookies dipped in Italian expresso coffee, layered with Italian mascarpone cheese & exquisite cocoa. 

Tres Leche Cake (Quattro)

13" x 9"


Four milk sponge cake, incl. coconut milk, whipped topping, sprinkled with nutmeg.



8" x 4"

Flan is a rich milk custard dessert very popular in Latin countries. It is generally covered in a sweet caramel sauce.

Bread Pudding

13" x  9"


Plump rum soaked raisins mixed with butter croissants & vanilla custard made with freshly grated nutmeg &cinnamon, then baked to perfection with a creamy texture. 

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